More than 100 years old Pharmacy

Our Story

Gurukul Kangri Pharmacy is one of the oldest and trusted pharmacies in India that comes with a rich heritage that is more  than 100 years old. In 1957, Gurukul Kangri Pharmacy, was founded in Haridwar, with a mission to serve the people and  make science based Ayurvedic knowledge and products accessible to people around the country.

This step was taken under the complete guidance and direction of  two prominent leaders of Gurukul Kangri Parivar – Late Vaidya Satvadev ji and Late Prof Fakeer Chand Trehan ji. Their deep insight knowledge, personal passion and the strong values and leadership of Gurukul Kangri are the strong pillars of the pharmacy.

The Gurukul Kangri Pharmacy, holds more than 90 patented formulations and has more than 200 products that have been created with deep insights and Ayurveda knowledge. Making a difference to the lives of people by bringing out the best of research into products which help people leading healthier and fulfilling lives.

In 2000, Indian Economic Studies, India (IES) awarded Gurukul Pharmacy with the excellency award. Dr. Rajkumar Rawat, president of Gurukul Kangri was awarded the Udyog Rattan Award.

The products from Gurukul Kangri are high quality Ayurvedic products and medicines that are trusted by people all across the world. The manufacturing plant is situated in Haridwar and operates under Ayurvedic Manufacturing License by “Ayush Department Govt. of India”, an “FSSAI” License, and is GMP Certified.